GO TRI Something New

Spring is on the verge of springing, the weather is turning and I even managed to wear shorts this week. It’s normally this time of the year I start to evaluate any of those New Year’s resolutions I made. Remember those? How many have we kept, remembered, or even bothered trying to adhere to?

Sitting in the office this morning between us we have managed to keep a grand total of 4. Most of the resolutions we made were health related and in winter is especially challenging. But maybe there is a way to help you.

As we get older (anytime after university) it gets harder and harder to stay fit (or get fit) and can seem extremely daunting to try a new sport. I have recently taken up a new sport and I’m loving it, but it’s very rare that new sports have incentives to take part.

Those who have read my blogs before know I love triathlon, I have done since uni and it’s a true passion of mine. But many don’t know when I started triathlon I couldn’t even swim! We see the Brownlees on TV and they are like demi gods. Often triathlon looks a millions miles from the comfy spot on the sofa.

However, GO TRI is an incentive by British Triathlon to get people involved with the sport. With low entry costs, friendly and comfortable environment, and manageable distances.

Even if there is an element you don’t like, Go Tri offers variations of triathlons where you can skip any of the Swim, Bike or Run. Over distances of your choice where you feel comfortable. You don’t need an expensive bike, and they’ll even give you a swim hat.

Everybody can do a GO TRI, any age, any shape. You could even make it a day out for the family!

If you want to know more about GO TRI, or multi sport events, drop me a message. I can help you get started on your journey. Just keep me updated where you end up. Last year one of my friends did their first GO TRI in April. Come September they were at World Championships enjoying the sun in Mexico (From GO TRI to World Championships). Anybody can do anything. You just have to GO TRI!

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