ON Cloudflow Review

With the new season approaching, two of our team took looked into the newest name in running shoes with ON Running.

Laura ON

Name: Laura

5k time: 18:30 HM Time: 1:24:00

Previous Shoe: Asics

Model: ON Cloudflow

Price: £120

Versus Old Shoe:

Having always run in Asics support shoes I was a little weary about changing brands as have always struggled a lot with blisters, even over shorter distances such as 5k’s. However I have had no problems switching to the Cloudflow’s, they are super lightweight and extremely comfortable.


I’ve only been wearing them for a couple of months but have run two half marathons in that time and wear them during training (providing it’s on the road – couldn’t bear to get them muddy!) and find them really high quality, and despite them being a lightweight shoe I actually feel they provide a great deal of support and cushioning.  I also love the colour!

Value for money:

Compared to other shoes on the market they are priced at the higher end however with their new and developing technology on the sole unit I feel the shoe is worth the extra bit of money.  The 18 individual ‘clouds’ make for a very light sole that allows for that fast feel and I really like the unique design.

Any downsides:

The only problems I would highlight is that the laces they come with don’t provide much support over the top of the foot, but I changed these after the first run to some lock laces and haven’t had a problem since. I also found when running in the wet, the outsole wasn’t able to grip well to the surface.


Overall I think these are a great racing shoe that I plan to use when racing this summer, they are very responsive but still maintain the high levels of cushion you would want in a good racing shoe. However I cannot comment on how the shoe would hold up over distances longer than 13 miles.

Name: James

5k Time: 21:15, HM time: 1:45:00Hastings Half Marathon March 2018 by #SussexSportPhotography.com 12:17:15 #racephoto

Previous Shoe: Nike Pegasus and Nike Structure

Model: ON Cloudflow

Price: £120

Versus Old Shoe:

I have run in Nike Pegasus for a long time, having completed all but one of my Half Marathons in them prior to 2018. The one race I changed to Saucony saw me very quickly switch back. I have used Nike Structure in training for 2017, but I wasn’t a fan of these so had switched back to Pegasus.

The ON Cloudflow is so much lighter and genuinely feels easier to run and like it’s giving you energy back from the ground. Having always run in a shoe with a fair amount of support under the sole, these are a big difference, but they haven’t given me any problems and I can’t feel any more of a hard landing.


They feel great! I really feel like they are making me faster and it really is like running on clouds. I have used these in both of my Half Marathons in 2018 and a number of other runs. Not only do they feel good but they are such a good looking shoe! That’s not something that can always be said about running shoes. With the whole range of ON shoes the prevailing thought is just how good looking they are. And did I mention how light they are?

Value for money:

For £120 they are nearly double what I would normally spend on a running shoe with Nike Pegasus. But I can see a significant difference in quality and look. I was sceptical of the price, as it is a hefty investment for something that is new to you. But they are worth every penny.

Any downsides:

The laces which they come with really don’t do the shoe any favours. They gave a lack of support and seemed to be the cause for a few blisters when I first started using the shoe. Changing to a lock lace with elastic laces made a huge difference. The shoe still as light felt supported and I haven’t had any issues with blisters since.

It might be a mental thing, but the shoe is slimmer and I don’t know if to trust it for a lot of training. I am 84kg and I feel as if that’s a lot of weight going through my knees.

I wouldn’t wear these shoes off road, but in truth they are not designed for that.


I intend to use these for all my races no matter the distance. I have a great confidence in the speed and the feel of the shoe and simply love them. For long slow training runs I may revert to the trusty Pegasus and on the ParkRuns where it’s a bit muddy!

I have looked at getting a pair of ON CloudSurfer shoes which offer more support for these runs, but again at £125 maybe the Pegasus with do for now!

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