Marbella Ironman 70.3

Marbella 70.3 race review


10 of us took the trip to the South of Spain for Marbella Ironman 70.3. All flying from London towards the sun! Or at least we hoped, weather was not playing ball on our apps.

A spring half Ironman, as we sat down at the first evening dinner all of us had a similar feeling “this seemed like a good idea in September”. The harsh winter in England and short daylight hours seemed to have affected us all in our training plans. We were winging it from the #justturnup mentality.


The location itself is incredible. On the Mediterranean shore line and through the Spanish mountains, staying in Peurto Benus meant living amongst the rich and famous, with a car line up that Top Gear would be proud of!

The Route

The race- the best way to describe this is a race of three thirds!

The swim, which promised to be a flat warm swim, ended up being a wavey cold fight! Almost impossible to see the next bouy when waves were crashing into you. A lot of people panicked, struggled and had poor experiences. Some flew, I think the shortening of it was spot on. 1500m was enough!

The bike- the hardest piece of exercise I have ever done. This was harder than my previous 70.3 alone! Two mountainous ascents and a descent that still felt like I was climbing! I did very much enjoy the final sweeping descent, although the scattered debris and people repairing punctures would suggest I got down unscathed through luck rather than judgement!

The run- absolutely beautiful! Would do this again in a heartbeat. Along the coast, basked in glorious sunshine and incredible crowds. My mood of “I’m never doing one of these again” whilst on the bike was washed into the Med and long away!

Overall feel

Whilst flying home and writing this I look back on a great trip with great teammates and friends. I was also very lucky to have my girlfriend and coach (Laura) join me on the trip, making it just so special to be able to have her watch me race!

On the final afternoon Laura and I drove round the bike route. Mainly to prove I wasn’t just slow. Stopping just up the mountain (20 mins if I’m riding) from Ojen. Opened the boot and had a picnic. This time round able to take in the true beauty of this area! Just an incredible place to be, stay, race and chill!

Marbella Mountain View.jpeg

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