First Stride Events is into it’s second year of event organising. With the aim to bring more events and variation. We have set out our ambition to aid athletes on their journey to achieve their own goals. We believe that events should offer affordable entry and good value for money.

At heart we are competitors, we know what makes a race great and what makes your day the best it can be. We know that winning comes in many flavours and isn’t just the person who finishes first!

So whether your aim is to win one of our races, to beat you previous time, to beat your friend or housemate (our personal favourite) or just to finish. We have a race for you. With no cut off times and always a welcome cheer at the finishing line, we hope you choose First Stride Events as your race partner.

If you would like more information about our events, partnerships or just more about us, give us an email atย info@firststrideevents.com