GO TRI Aquathlon at Hampton Pool Race Information

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Please note below information if for the event held on the 30th June 2018 at Hampton Pool

Hampton Pool,
High Street,
TW12 2ST


Due to safety requirements there is no parking on site at the pool for the event. There are a number of areas around the site to park.

Please bare in mind, you will be arriving early so keep noise to a minimum not to upset the locals. 


5:10 Registration in the car park

6:00 Transition Closes

6:10 Event Briefing – Poolside

6:20  Swim Starts

NOTE: All timings may be subject to change. Any changes to the programme will be highlighted at registration, please register in good time. Locations can be found on the site map below and will be signposted on the day. The triathlon starts will be staggered to maintain a safe number of competitors on the course, you will be given an approximate start time on the morning.


Registration will open at 5:15 and take place poolside. You will be given your race pack at registration on the day. No race packs will be sent out prior to the event.

  • Race Number – This should be worn on the front of the shirt that you will be wearing for the cycle and run, if you have a race belt you are welcome to use them. (There will be race belts available for sale on the day)
  • Lights will be compulsory for the triathlon event due to possible darkness. These can be purchased at race registration

You will also have your race number marked on your upper arm so marshals can identify you during the swim. Arriving with plenty of time is one of the easiest ways to keep pre-race nerves down, giving you time to set up and even walk the course beforehand.

Once you have registered you will be directed over to the transition area, which will be next to the swimming pool. Only competitors are allowed into the transition area, this is a rule set by British Triathlon, marshals will be in the transition zone to help competitors should they require it.

(7. TRANSITION AREA CONDUCT: 7.1 General Rules: m.) Helpers, friends or family members are not permitted in transition areas.)

We would also ask that once you have finished your event you get the attention of a marshal in transition who will safely assist you with removing your items from transition, this is for your safety and the safety of other competitors who may still be racing.


This is where you will collect your  trainers following the swim  legs of your event. There will be different exit gates depending upon which leg of the event you are entering, these exit points will be clearly marked. These entry and exit points will also be explained to you during the pre-race briefing, and our marshals will be more than willing to help.

Transition can get quite hectic, therefore only athletes and officials are allowed into the transition zone. There will be marshals on hand to assist you with placing your bike in the correct position and to help sort out the things you will need to leave in transition.

First Stride Events use individual racking. For this racking you must place your rear wheel in a slot which has a number facing your isle. During the Go Tri no specific slots will be held, so please feel free to rack anywhere.

In brief:

Things to leave in transition before the start:

  • T-Shirt with race number attached to the front or a race belt (there will be race belts available for sale on the day)
  • Running shoes (and cycling shoes if you use these)

Things to take to the swim start:

  • Swim cap (if you want to wear one)
  • Goggles (if you wear them)

Please ensure you place your items neatly and do not throw items onto the ground as they could become tripping hazards.

Bags can be placed neatly along the rear fence of the transition zone.

NOTE: Your requirements will vary depending upon which event you have entered, although the marshals will try to help as best as possible, it is your responsibility to know how many laps you’re doing and to count how many you have done.

Course Routes:


Please report to the poolside at least 10 minutes prior to the swim time you will be given on the morning. Please make sure you have your goggles and swim cap ready if you require them.

You will line up based in number order. We will have two entry points for the swim.

You will swim 6 lengths in the form of a “snake” swimming two lengths per lane before moving to the adjoining lane.

Hampton Pool swim guide


The run route consists of a 1.5km out and back loop, starting at transition and finishing at the car park for Hampton Pool where the finish line is clearly marked.

The route turns left out of the pool gates and follows the High Street continuing to Church Street. The route then turns left onto Hampton Court Road where a short distance along this road the turnaround point will be marked with a cone and a marshal.

Once turned around follow the route back to Church Street, following back to Hampton Pool, turning right into the car park with a short sprint to the finish line situated at the end of the car park.

Remember to smile!

Hampton Go Tri Run Route

Medals: All competitors will receive a medal as a recognition of the effort they have put in.

Timing: The timing will be carried out manually on the day, giving competitors an overall time.

Refreshments: Food and drinks will be available to purchase throughout the morning from the Pool’s cafe. We can highly recommend the bacon rolls!

Photography: On the day our marshals will also be taking photos throughout the morning, all will be available on our Facebook page following the event. If you’d like to keep up to date with our future events and the event photos please like our page: https://www.facebook.com/1ststrideevents

Results: All results will be posted online shortly after the event. An email containing a link will be sent out following the event and the link will also be posted on Facebook and Twitter.

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